Final Week No Cave November- Recap & Reflection

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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay on this post. We had some issues with video upload and it delayed us a bit.

Nevertheless here we are with the FINAL No Cave November update.

This week, we are asking you to reflect on your experiences the past 6 weeks. With the New Year coming around many of us will be setting new goals or reaffirming/committing to old ones. Before we jump into that though, we highly encourage everyone to reflect on what you've learned these last 6 weeks, or what you've come to realize.

Check out the video below for more, and please share your experiences and what you've learned in the comments below.

Thank you so much for taking part in this challenge with us. We hope you've gotten something out of it.

UPDATE 1-2-20:

To help aid in your reflection, we've put together some reflection questions that are attached. Feel free to work through these in your head, print them off and write on them, or comment on them below.

Yours in health,

Your AFS Fit Fam


  • Beth ManoogianBeth Manoogian Member Rank ✭7✭

    I stuck to my goal of 3x AFS/week + 3x Peloton/week with three necessary exceptions:

    -missed one Peloton class because my legs were dead from FSX and the scheduled class was going to be too hard to do on those legs

    -missed one FSX because AFS was closed on xmas eve, but I substituted this with a Peloton ride and lifting at home

    -I got sick and didn’t go to FSX yesterday...fellow classmates, you’re welcome for not bringing this virus into the gym! I took a well-deserved rest day and am back at it today on the bike! (And I’m told I missed my nemesis yesterday...ergs...which makes me happy!)

    and we’re only 10.5 hours into the new year and I’m already done with most of my meal prep for the next several days so I’ll count that as a win even though I still can’t breathe! Happy new year everyone!

  • Nicole PorterNicole Porter Member Rank ✭6✭
    edited January 2020

    The holidays were a disaster around here to be quite candid. Too much on the calendar, family illnesses, missing wallets...I'm honestly glad it's over.

    I was not able to keep my plan of working out 2x a day all season. I ate too much crap. I was not active on the forum.

    But - I've come out the other side. The new year is always a hard reset for me. And next week is my five year anniversary at AFS, and I have a check in. I know even after "failing" this holiday season I'm still in a far better place than I was five years ago, and I "have the tools" to get where I want to be (as @Kemper Sosa always says). I've already seen a 3+lb drop just from getting my eating back in line - too much cheese and salt!

  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    @Nicole Porter thanks for sharing your experience here. I wonder what wins you had this holiday season too, in addition to the struggles? I imagine there were plenty of positives between mid-November and now too, yes?

    Also, what purpose(s) do you think your holiday activities served? Surely there were some emotional, social, psychological benefits to them? This article here touches on this topic in a very powerful way, I think. A lot of times our "slip-ups" actually quite useful for a number of reasons.

    Happy 5-year AFS anniversary! =) We've loved having you as part of the family these past 5-years!

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
  • Nicole PorterNicole Porter Member Rank ✭6✭

    @Sawyer Paull-Baird ultimately the win is that any weight I seem to have gained was water and waste related (and that everyone around our house is still above ground) and solidified my 2020 resolution be more mindful of my schedule demands. But over the Christmas/New Years break I taught two 5:45 a.m. spin classes on the same Mondays I taught 6 p.m. class, and that was a challenge. Some days I feel 40 more than others. And I bought two pairs of jeans in a size 2 from American Eagle and didn't look like a busted can of biscuits, so that was a big win.

  • Tricia NaultTricia Nault Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭7✭

    I really liked all the videos and the mind exercises during this challenge. I had a much better holiday than I usually do. I planned out what I was going to eat and where, I didn't sample ALL desserts, and actually I didn't miss it either. I didn't have a single Christmas cookie! There was planned pie though :) But I really liked examining WHY, and seeing that my little choices have an impact on my bigger picture, and I really tried to take to heart the message about seeing missteps as a learning opportunity instead of feeling like I was a loser or my goals were in the toilet because I failed. Thanks for doing this challenge during the holidays. It really helped me!

  • Heidi MorrisHeidi Morris Member Rank ✭7✭

    I loved this challenge, and I’d really love another one!

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