Is It Healthier To Be Gluten-Free?

AFS EducationAFS Education Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner admin
Overview: Gluten is a nutrient most people can’t even define, but many of those same people think it should not be included in a healthy diet. Eliminating gluten has been reported as a way to lose weight, reduce fatigue, and overall be healthier. As we’ll discuss in this video, these claims are relatively unfounded scientifically. We’ll also mention in the video that there are certain medical situations (involving gastrointestinal disorders) where eliminating gluten is appropriate, but those situations are few and far between. We’ll conclude that for the vast majority of people, gluten can be included in a healthy diet with no concern whatsoever. Watch the video for more information on the role gluten plays in your diet and how you can include it in a healthy way.
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