Kindred Spirits - Do You Have One?

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Dear FitFam,

Happy Monday. I'm hoping that the question in the subject line allows for someone who earn their 'answered a question first' badge, though that may only be an internal AFS team feature to prompt outward. In either case:

Do you have a social support, or kindred spirit that helps you through challenging times?

I've decided that from today through January 01, 2020, my kindred spirit is from The Mandalorian:

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  • Corinne AlbrechtCorinne Albrecht Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭8✭

    I hope I don't take any badge-earnings away from anyone 😋 but yes! I for sure have kindred spirits out there. Imma get a little spacey here, don't mind me 😂 I actually think I have some permanent kindred hearts and some others that were meant for me, for a period of time, and now they've grown and I've grown and we're not that heart for each other anymore and that's okay. When I studied abroad, for example, the friends I made were absolutely crucial to my development as a human being. We needed each other for those six weeks, not just because we were in another country, but because we were all a little lost over who we wanted to be. I don't talk to them on the daily anymore, but our hearts were perfectly in sync for those six weeks.

    On the other hand, like I mentioned, I think there are permanent kindred hearts out there too. Aly and I like to joke that our souls have known each other our whole lives, but our bodies have only known each other for 2 years 😆 and I suspect that if the multi-universe theory is correct (and I believe it is), our souls and bodies have always found each other in every iteration of the universe too. I don't think my heart knows how to get on without her.

    And, on a final note, your kindred spirit for the next month may have been a little tongue-in-cheek (or maybe not!) but I think there's a lot of value in who/what we find a little bit of peace in. In my loneliest days when I struggled to find anyone around me who was there for me, I clung to characters in books, movies, video games, etc. I honestly believe that some wonderful characters from beautiful stories got me through really dark periods of my life because they were all I had to hold on to. It's all real, even when it's not.

    In short, I firmly believe there are kindred spirits anywhere, for short or long periods of time, and pieces of them always stay with us. I love all the circles I have, all the hearts I have within me and around me, and I'll cherish them forever :)

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    Oh my gosh I smiled through the entirety of your 1st paragraph, @Corinne Albrecht. Alas, some 3 second digging shows me that you earned your 1st answer badge back on November 07, though had you earned one here, you earned it! Beautiful sentiment re: the kindred hearts from your time abroad; 'a reason, a season, or a lifetime.' 💙

    Deep! Wow. So glad that Aly and you have that bond.

    Ha! I had to google the meaning of tounge-and-cheek and I'm laughing that it says "or whimsical exaggeration." Funny enough, I'm earnest in that I see myself in that character. Similarly, over the weekend I felt much like this little girl; almost to the end of her race yet so distracted.

    You wrote such heartfelt statements, and I appreciate your insight always! Hope you're able to spend the evening doing whatever you enjoy :-) Much love.

  • Tricia NaultTricia Nault Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭7✭

    I have a kindred spirit I discovered this year. We agonize over eating or not eating the same kinds of treats; topping the list is ice cream and cookies. But I think she really understands the issues I have with emotional eating, as well as the strategies I need to get through the day. I know she will warn me not to go in the break room when there are treats in there, or "talk me down" if I text her in a weak moment. Seems a little superficial just talking about ice cream and cookies, but the value of someone else who suffers through the same kinds of trials or understands exactly what you're feeling, is priceless.

  • Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson Member Rank ✭6✭

    @Tricia Nault "as well as the strategies I need to get through the day." <= that's powerful. ❤Very glad you discovered a kindred spirit this year, and fully agree that the value of another person's understanding is priceless 🌟Thank you for making the time to share!

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