Week 2- Thanksgiving Week Thread!

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Hello AFS Fitfam and welcome to Week 2 of the No Cave November Challenge!

This week is an extra special one as it is Thanksgiving week. While this will surely be one of the more fulfilling times of the year, it can also be filled with a lot of added stress and challenges, especially around our health goals.

In last weeks mid-week video, we asked everyone to think of three things that you are doing on regular basis that are holding you back from your health and fitness goals. In the video today Devin and Nate expand on that further. Watch below to learn more!

We would also love to hear from you all on how you did with your goals last week, so please post your updates below, as well as sharing your barriers, and reflections on this weeks video.

Suggested actions:

1) If you haven't thought of your 3 self-limiting actions yet, watch the video here, and write them down.

2) Watch this weeks video below, and come up with the solutions to your self-limiting actions. Share them in the comments below!

3) Keep your eyes open for the mid-week content coming in the next few days.

4) Have a wonderful holiday =)

UPDATE 11-27-19:

For our additional resource this week we've got something pretty cool in store for you. Below you will find not a Holiday Survival Guide, like you hear about all over the internet, but instead a Holiday SurvTHRIVEal Guide. This is because we don't believe the holidays are something that should be "survived", but something that should be enjoyed and not feared. In the book below you will find tips for enjoying your holiday to the fullest from members of our team on nutrition, mindset, exercise and more. Kudos to @Corinne Albrecht @Bella Diaz @Eileen McNally @Chris Eskin @Danny Gossman for their hard work on this.

Download the guide below:


Your AFS FitFam

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  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    Wow, thanks so much @Corinne Albrecht ! You rock.

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
  • Beth ManoogianBeth Manoogian Member Rank ✭7✭

    I think my only potential barrier to achieving my workout goal so far was the blizzard and there’s not much I can do other than suck it up and shovel and drive on dicey roads, which I did. This week’s possible barrier is time, I got home from work tonight late enough and without enough energy to do my first peloton class this week, but I’m off weds-fri so I will make it work even if I have to do two classes in a day. No barriers to FSX tomorrow and Sat AM and SS Sunday!

    I probably should have set a nutrition goal but the original post said to pick a behavior you want to maintain and I’m currently trying to improve my nutrition, not maintain it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂

    anyone else curious on how @Kemper Sosa ‘s oreo cookie goal is going? 😂

  • Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson Member Rank ✭6✭

    Oh my gosh, Corinne _(if I knew your middle name it would go here!!)_ Albrecht => huge smile and way to go for providing a transcription!!! <3 Cheers to inclusive content and different ways of learning!!

    No self limiting barriers to report.

  • Tricia NaultTricia Nault Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭7✭

    Ok, first off how I've done on my goals I set: not too shabby, haven't had any candy or desserts other than my allotted birthday cake, though I did have a second, albeit smaller, piece. And mostly no pop, though I had two mini Cokes. But that leads me to one of the habits that constantly sets me back, and that is if the food is in the house, I have to eat it! (or drink it in this case) I usually tell my husband not to buy the stuff, or bring it home, but during the holidays it's harder to control, and then I end up binging on chips and dip left over from the birthday party. :( I try to send the leftovers home with other people, but half the time they don't want the stuff in their house either!

    So, I think the main thing is that it just cannot be in the house. If it's leftover from a party/holiday gathering, it needs to go with the husband to his work, or it needs to get thrown out. And to further preempt this, it just needs to be stricken from the menu. I mean why serve it, if I shouldn't be eating it anyway? There needs to be more thought-out menus I guess that include healthy choices, no, not even choices, just healthy food, so that I'm not throwing it all away at the end of it.

    Thanksgiving is at my house this year, so I have more control over what is served. I'm going to tell the others it's bring your own beverage, and only have fruit and vegetables for appetizers. I've already allotted myself a piece of pumpkin pie with cool-whip, but I will probably need to be tied to a chair to resist the 2nd piece or keeping the rest of the pie for leftovers. Anybody got any tips for that? :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    Hey @Tricia Nault thanks for being open with both your successes and struggles this week.

    I think if we look at success as a continuum (avoiding all-or nothing thinking) then it sounds like you did well with a number of your goals, with still some room for improvement. I like that you said you did well overall, versus getting overly frustrated with the couple of areas where you weren't "perfect" with them. This more tempered mindset/response to goals tends to be much better for long-term "stick-with-it-ness" than one that is overly "perfection-istic" in nature.

    It sounds like you already have some pretty good strategies surrounding your Thanksgiving meal, the largest worry is over the second piece of pie.

    I have a few ideas below, but the last one I think its the most interesting and something I think @Bella Diaz has more expertise in than I do.

    1) Utilize your support network. I know you and @Brook Adams committed to the sweets goal together. Text her when you're feeling the urge to have that second piece of pie, and lean on each-other for some support.

    2) Have a piece that is half the size of your normal slice, eat it slowly, setting down your fork between every bite. Savor the taste, and really enjoy the experience. Give yourself permission to have a second piece of the same size. You will still be having the same amount of food but by eating more slowly, and allowing yourself the second plate, it might "feel" like more.

    3) Load up on the veggie sides you mentioned you will be making. If you eat enough vegetables, you might be full enough that that second piece of pie sounds less appealing.

    4) This one might sound a little crazy, but perhaps giving yourself permission to have that second piece of pie is actually the best thing you can do? Now, I know you set a goal of not having it, BUT hear me out.. There is a growing movement in nutritional coaching of "Unconditional Permission to Eat" (UPE). The most simplistic version of this is that if we give ourselves permission to eat the foods that we want, when we want, long-term, we actually wind up craving those foods less and feel like we can say "no thanks" more easily. An excerpt from the link I shared above states:

    "I talk a lot about giving yourself unconditional permission to eat. I believe strongly in that principle for food freedom and absolutely believe that TRUE unconditional permission to eat naturally brings unconditional permission to stop eating. I add the disclaimer of “true” to clarify the importance of not beating yourself up about eating – enjoying or truly having it whenever you want it without conditions on why, how, where, when or what. If you do that, you’ll surprise yourself with your natural ability to self-regulate and ability to “take or leave it” depending on how you feel."

    Now I know this might sound like a crazy and scary concept as we are so conditioned to think of foods in good/bad, and have to have and cannot have terms... but in theory, I do really like the spirit and potential of the UPE movement. Feel free to take this or leave it, but I just wanted to throw it out there. Also, as I stated earlier, I know @Bella Diaz is pretty passionate about this, so she might be able to give you more insight or practical tips on implementation for this, if you're interested.

    Interested to hear how this goes for you =).

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
  • Beth ToplynBeth Toplyn Member Rank ✭2✭

    So one of the ways I limit myself is by picking at bites of treats here and there and not thinking they are important to track. I did much better with that this week. Also not taking enough advantage of these forums and participating and missing out on potential support. So today is a step in the right direction

  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭

    Well, I was snacking on a bag of granola when I discovered the video and kept snacking lol BUT I’m happy I watched it because it helped me to set goals for Thanksgiving. In addition to the healthy foods, I’m allowing Sweet potatoes and no mashed with small helping of stuffing and of course one piece of pie with as much whipped cream as I want because as @Brook Adams says ,It’s Thanksgiving!!! I also plan on no seconds. That’s the plan anyways. Hoping it works. Or a little bit of everything and no still no seconds so that way I won’t feel deprived because I find if I say I can’t have what I want I will end up eating more calories trying to eat others things instead of what I really want and then end up eating what I wanted in the first place and feel worse. I find drinking lots of water helps too!!!!. I’m also going to try and focus on the people I will be with and what’s going on in their lives to help take some of the focus off the food.

    Good luck everyone and savor each bite and try to remember to try and make our focus also on being thankful tomorrow. I’m so thankful for this forum. It has truly helped a lot!!!

    What is everyone else thankful for?..............

    Gobble Gobble Gobble 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭

    @Tricia Nault will be silently rooting for you tomorrow. You should be proud of your appetizers. That’s awesome. And hosting Thanksgiving? Heck you deserve that second small piece of pie Just for that!!!! You may find you may not even want more. Drink a glass of water after first piece and walk away and later if you really want more have a tiny piece!!! And as I learned in weight watchers don’t beat yourself up. Start over with the next healthy bite for the rest of the day!!! Weight watchers has a healthy recipe for pumpkin pie which I swear tastes better than regular pie!!! Kinda late notice but look it up. I’ll try to find it. You’ve got this!!!!! Enjoy your family and friends and may your day be stress free!!!!

  • Andrea SpanglerAndrea Spangler Member Rank ✭5✭

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope all of you enjoy time with family and friends, reflect on the blessings life has given us (even the small ones), and of course enjoy the wonderful food that will be prepared!

    I have been working with Bella (the best nutritionist out there) and she constantly reminds me that food is there to be enjoyed...nothing is off limits on holidays, but be mindful of the portions we eat and that it’s 100% ok to eat and enjoy all of our favorites! I have personally found that sometimes just a bite or small taste of something satisfies my need for a sweet or savory treat. So I allow myself to have that one bite and then move on! Let’s hope I can stick to that philosophy today!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭
  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭

    @Andrea Spangler thanks for the tips! I wish you well but it sounds like you have a great handle on the day!!! Enjoy your time with your family!!!

  • Rachelle FanelliRachelle Fanelli Member Rank ✭2✭

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. I am celebrating at afs working out with my daughter and Cody! Great way to start the Holiday.

  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, enjoyed the time with people they love, and also enjoyed the delicious food prepared. I am curious how everyone did finding a balance that felt right for them?

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
  • Tricia NaultTricia Nault Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭7✭

    @Terry Lobb thank you so much for the support! I did have two pieces of pie, but I actually was ok with myself for doing it. However, I ate too much regular food. I think my stomach has shrunk, because I had what I usually have and it was too much. Unfortunately, I probably ate too fast to notice the "getting full" signs. But actually it was a good lesson for learning (again) that I cannot eat as much as I used to. I spent the evening not feeling well. So, some things to work on, but at the same time I am not beating myself up for making mistakes!

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭

    @Tricia Nault I felt the same way and got full quicker. For dessert I picked the smallest piece of pie and sampled a brownie and some blueberry thing lol. The brownie was huge but I cut just a small bite. I felt fuller today at brunch with French toast. Bad move. Allowing the sweets last night triggered more. That’s what I need to watch. But I enjoyed the festivities yesterday which I felt I did well and today not as well but that’s ok. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m ready to get back on track! We’ve got this!!!

  • Beth ManoogianBeth Manoogian Member Rank ✭7✭

    @Sawyer Paull-Baird I was happy with how thanksgiving went for me. I took FS at Plymouth with my sis and bro in law which was great other than I made a questionable decision to do minute intervals of RDL w calf raise and then floor presses with a 75lb barbell. 🤪 but the day went smoothly after that, I made my plate with 1/5 turkey, 1/5 raw veggies, 1/5 mashed potatoes (my favorite part of thanksgiving and I only get them once a year), 1/5 “other,” and 1/5 empty Bc we had these huge plates and I didn’t need that much food. My plan going in was to take 1/2-2/3 of the amount of each thing that I WANTED to take and I don’t feel I overate, I was full but not stuffed. Plus I got a bonus workout in that day (which I’m still sore from today, oops). 🦃

  • Terry LobbTerry Lobb Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭5✭

    @Sawyer Paull-Baird I did really well on Thanksgiving. One of my goals was to focus on the people I was with so I got right on the floor and played 4 games of UNO with the kids and had lots of fun! During that time I drank water so by the time desserts came out I wasn’t as hungry which kept me from over doing it on the desserts!!!! However the day after I didn’t do as well with brunch but 1:1 is good for a holiday weekend. Today I got up early and went to yoga which helped start the day off right and led me to meeting my daily goals and back on track!!!

  • Heather  QuinlanHeather Quinlan Member, Inward Journey Meditation Group Member Rank ✭7✭

    I know I'm a little late to this post and we are on the verge of week 3, but I'm still chiming in. ☺️

    First, what a great surthrival guide! I'll definitely be printing this off (I'm a hard copy kinda gal) to keep handy not just over the next month but for life in general. Thank you to @Bella Diaz , @Corinne Albrecht , @Eileen McNally , @Chris Eskin , and all who contributed to putting it together. You are appreciated!

    To answer @Sawyer Paull-Baird 's question - my Thanksgiving was great! I did not tell myself that anything was off limits because I know they are dishes my Mom so lovingly (that's the secret ingredient, right?) makes only once a year (MAYBE twice if I put in a special request). So I filled my plate with a serving (maybe a smidge more than a serving) of one of each. About 3/4th the way in, I could tell I was feeling satisfied, so I stopped. I did take home leftovers (which, I believe, is one of the best things about Thanksgiving). For many years, I'd come home with leftovers and eat them that night. No joke. Thanksgiving.... part two! My brain wanted me to believe that if I didn't eat them at 11pm, they would either disappear or not taste as good the next day. I didn't bring home a ton of leftovers, but I can proudly share that it's Sunday night at 9:19pm and I still have a few things left. And what was consumed was done so mindfully over the span of three days. Huge victory for me. 😃💙

  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    @Terry Lobb Awesome! Sounds like you did a nice job as a whole, and most importantly had a fulfilling and enjoyable holiday (and one that was more health conscious than it would have been, even if you didn't bat 1.00 =))

    @Beth Manoogian Mmm mashed potatoes. I'm with ya on those being my favorite as well. I like how you managed your plate, and sounds like you felt good and satisfied, without feeling stuffed. Awesome

    @Heather Quinlan I love leftovers too! Very cool to hear how you've felt a lot more comfortable leaving them in the house longer this time than years passed. Also, kudos to listening to your body and stopped when your body said you didn't need any more. Nothing really has to be off limits on thanksgiving so long as you do that =). Both of those things certainly speak to being more mindful and at peace with food. Great stuff.

    Great start to my Monday morning hearing everyone's goal updates. I hope you all enjoy the week 3 content.

    Have a good one!

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
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