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Scouring the internet for reliable information of any kind can be quite the ordeal. This holds especially true in health and fitness where claims are often made with disregard for scientific validity... and more concern for personal gain than human wellness.

In an effort to reduce the "noise" that comes with a Google search on the internet, we would encourage people to use the following resources when looking for reliable health and fitness information. Certainly there are tons of other good resources out there, however to keep things simple, we are going to stick to 1-3 resources per topic.

So, check out the links below, bookmark them, and use them instead of Google the next time you're looking to get a question answered.. (or ask anyone on our team and we can always help too 😉)


Precision Nutrition Blog

Tons of great articles on nutrition, lifestyle, goal setting, and more. Precision Nutrition offers a balanced and nuanced stance on many complex nutritional topics.

A great resource for summary of evidence and research on dietary supplements, as well as general nutritional information. Very science-based.

Resistance Exercise:

This is a great resource for all things weight lifting in nature. Bret Contreras is an extremely smart guy who has his PhD in sports science, and has earned a reputation for distributing evidence based information on weight training.

Another great resource for all things strength training related. Greg Nukols is a world class powerlifter who is also working on his PhD in exercise science, and is also well known in the fitness community as someone who strives to share research backed, reliable information.

Orthopedic Issues/Injury:

From the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, this is a great resource on various orthopedic issues, both in general, and in regards to exercise recommendations.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Insight Timer has both the above website and mobile app that has a lot of free, as well as paid, resources, guided meditations, and more.

Yoga w/ Adriene (Youtube channel)

A great resource for guided yoga videos for all experience levels, and various needs (ie. for low back pain, etc.).

This post is still under construction and more topics/resources will be added with time such as endurance exercise, yoga, mindfulness and potentially more.


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