"Nutrition is not a belief system."

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Another wonderful article written by Precision Nutrition. We have to be careful with what the internet tells us to be true and not true. Nutrition is not a belief system but a science.




  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin
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    Thanks for sharing this one, Adam. A lot you could potentially unpack here.

    Two messages that stuck out to me in particular are:

    1) Avoiding one size fits all approaches

    2) Finding the middle ground

    Also, the article references the literal MILLIONS of hits given when someone does a google search for fitness related topics or questions. Thus, it's easy to see how it can be super challenging to know what to believe or where to look for quality information. To keep things simple, it can be helpful to reference just a few websites where I know I can rely on the information to be evidence based and contextualized. I listed my favorites below. These can be used by anyone, not just fitness professionals.

    1) Examine.com (nutrition & supplements)

    2) Precision Nutrition (nutrition, goal-setting, lifestyle, mindset)

    3) Orthoinfo.org from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (orthopedic and medical issues)

    4) Bretcontreras.com (wide variety of exercise topics)

    I feel like between just these four sources below, you can probably get at least 75% of the answers you'd ever be looking for in regards to nutrition or exercise, and you can be pretty confident in the scientific validity of the claims. This makes the search for valid and safe fitness information a lot more digestible than the entirety of a google search 🙂

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    Great article! Thanks for the share @Adam Michael! Sawyer you should make a separate post with those websites for our clients and staff!

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