Holiday Hacks from Claire

Claire TrappClaire Trapp Member, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

Yo yo, or rather ho ho! Here are some personal tips which have helped me keep my tummy on track when I travel and the kitchen doesn't belong to me. Being prepared is more than half the battle.

^your protein bar doesn't have to be Quest but please look at the calorie to protein ratio. A good rule of thumb is if the bar is 100 calories it should yield close to 10 grams of protein.

Of course these are a few of my favorites to help me stay on track. I find that the more greens I eat, the less bloated I feel, thus the better decisions are made.

Another pro tip: If you accidently overdid it with cookies or casserole, drink so much water! It will help your stomach handle the extra load.

Cheers Fitfam <3


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