Weekend Win!

Andrea SpanglerAndrea Spangler Member Rank ✭5✭

Well i had a small win on Saturday night. We had a football party to attend for our son; pizza, nachos, etc were on the menu- UGH. Don’t get me wrong love all of it just doing my best to stay away from all of it right now! Well....I had a bowl of homemade chicken gumbo soup before we left the house so I wouldn’t be starving when we got there. I had 1 small piece of pizza and 1 glass of red wine....then stayed away, far far away from the food table the rest of the night! Didn’t wake up feeling crappy from eating junk food!! Woo hoo!! So that’s a win in my books!!


  • Corinne AlbrechtCorinne Albrecht Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭8✭

    HECK YEAH!!! Way to make yourself proud, Andrea :) <3 Eating before going out is such a great tactic and I always forget about it! Thanks for putting that back in my toolbox

  • Chris EskinChris Eskin Member, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    BOOM! Nice job, Andrea! The brilliance of planning ahead demonstrated to perfection. Not to mention keeping things in moderation. Keep killing it, Spangler!

  • Chris EarlyChris Early Member, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    So many people can relate to this @Andrea Spangler It's always so hard when in those social events. I've tried to do what you did and eat something before the event so that I am somewhat full and not over indulge in the sweets/ heavier food items. However, I come from a place of moderation. If I go somewhere I'm not going to tell myself "No, don't have that", but rather " it's OK if I have this small little bite" or cut it into a smaller size that what is presented so that I don't eat it all. I will say I am not perfect and there are events that I go "ALL IN"😜, but I try not to beat myself up over that. Hats off to you for your win, keep it up!!!!

  • Mike StackMike Stack Member, Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    Nice @Andrea Spangler! I think it's important to point out what you did here just for instructional purposes so anyone reading can apply it to any situation. Here's the general framework Andrea applied:

    1) She recognized ahead of time this was going to a challenging situation.

    2) She didn't go hungry, but she did save a decent number of calories for the party (in other words, she "budgeted" her calories)

    3) She controlled her portions (limiting herself to ONE serving of alcohol, and ONE serving of pizza - I like to call this following the ONE RULE, if you limit yourself to one serving of all the foods you eat, you can never get in too much trouble calorically)

    4) She set herself up for success environmentally by not being near the food table the rest of the night. Environment can be so huge in situations like this. Out of sight, out of mind is so true when it comes to food environment.

    5) She shared her success! This is more than just a pat on back from the community. When you realize psychologically the positive effect performing a health behavior results in, you drive the habitual behavior into your subconscious (for those of you who have heard me talk about the habit loop of cue, routine and reward, this is what is meant by reward. Sharing the success generates a reward emotionally and cognitively that reinforces the habitual behavior in the future).

    Nice work Andrea! Thanks for letting us use this as a great lesson for other clients.

    Michael E. Stack, BS CFP CSCS*D CPS
    AGENT OF CHANGE, CEO, & Exercise Physiologist

  • Sawyer Paull-BairdSawyer Paull-Baird Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    Great stuff @Andrea Spangler ! Thanks for sharing what worked for you with everyone else. That's exactly why we created this forum, to celebrate victories, and learn from one another =).

    Sawyer Paull-Baird BS CSCS ACSM-EP PN-Lvl1
    Agent of Change / Fitness Innovation & Education Coordinator
  • Emma SheffertEmma Sheffert Member, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    LOVE this @Andrea Spangler ! Life is all about the small victories because small wins/steps lead to big changes. You are a rockstar :)

  • Kemper SosaKemper Sosa Member, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    @Andrea Spangler , I think it's awesome point out how you FELT the day after. Often times we forget how choices make us feel later in relation to how they make us feel immediately. Decisions are best made when we take the time to reflect on past experiences and weigh the pros and cons when it comes to having that 2nd or 3rd glass of wine. Way to think of "Future-Andrea" during a tempting situation.

    Kemper Sosa

    Agent of Change & General Manager

    BS, CPT, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

  • Eileen  McNallyEileen McNally Member, Administrator, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    @Andrea Spangler I'd say you had a big win! :) Also, its great you had a plan to nourish your body prior and then enjoy what you wanted from what was offered and then could carry on with your night. It's great when food can be an easier choice and then we can focus on the experience :) Fun with football and friends!

    Eileen McNally BS, CPT, RYT 


    Applied Fitness Solutions Rochester Hills

  • Heidi MorrisHeidi Morris Member Rank ✭7✭

    Good luck this weekend @Andrea Spangler ! Keep the momentum going! Every little win adds up!

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