what high protein snacks do you pack for a busy work day?

Charisse LoderCharisse Loder Member Rank ✭1✭

Looking for new ideas for a new year!


  • Chris EarlyChris Early Member, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    Hey @Charisse Loder,

    Typically I like to bring in protein bars, my favorite are protein plus. Some people like quest protein bars as well. I know that some of my other clients have used tuna packs during their busy workday with some sort of veggy. I'm not a tuna person, so count me out of that one😋

    Depending on your time the day/days prior maybe doing some sort of a turkey roll up, using a low fat cheese, some veggies, and mustard(I choose this for the lower calorie alternative).

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Bailey Paull-BairdBailey Paull-Baird Member, Moderator, Practitioner, AFS Staff admin

    My go tos are protein bars, protein powder in a dry bottle(to add water to), low fat cottage cheese, low fat cheese sticks and low fat deli lunch meat(chicken or turkey). =)

  • Peter SchultzPeter Schultz Member Rank ✭5✭

    I normally save the protein bars/ powder for post-workout nutrition. For protein-rich snacks, I usually go for beef jerky, or Shaklee has snack bars that are 120 calories and 10g of protein

  • Andrea SpanglerAndrea Spangler Member Rank ✭5✭

    I usually gravitate to: lite mozzarella cheese sticks, cottage cheese w/fresh blueberries or strawberries (my favorite cottage cheese is Good Culture- very high in protein; but not cheap), turkey or ham deli sliced meat, fairlife core power drinks (they have 26 grams of protein), Greek yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of protein bars but do like the Clean bars (Costco carries them) on occasion. I also have a great recipe for protein balls (I make those fair frequently for my boys and their during sporting events- even though I make a ton.. usually don’t have any leftover to keep on hand at work...probably need to make my own secret stash, lol)!

  • Robert SarnaRobert Sarna Member Rank ✭5✭

    For my protein snacks I will eat pro puffs, a protein brownie, or cottage cheese w/blueberries or strawberries. The brownies are by Eat Me Guilt Free. Both the brownies and pro puffs are sold at XN Supplements.

  • Corinne AlbrechtCorinne Albrecht Member, AFS Staff Rank ✭8✭

    A wonderful client over here in A2 named Cindy (hi Cindy, if you're out there!) donated a box of PureFit Almond Crunch bars to us after she didn't like them and I'm obsessed!!! I know protein bars are old hat for a snack idea but usually they make me sick to my stomach and/or I can only eat 1/2 a bar a day, so they've been off my list for a while. These vegan bars are delicious and I can eat a full one in a sitting! I've never been so excited about a protein snack haha

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