The Absence of Photos

Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson Member Rank ✭6✭

Dear FitFam,

Wanted to take a minute to share: if you're going through a difficult time mentally then you may find @Samantha McDevitts yoga class to be quite powerful.

Further, today I realized that clients + AFS team members who attend Sams class aren't taking photos before/after sessions. The absence of photos feels even more powerful to me - as though there's community + individual introspection for that one hour, and then that hour in time has passed <3

Presently in my life, when I'm working, I'm spending a lot of time in solitude and at times that solitude can be taxing. Samantha's class reminds me that we are all carrying out our own individual purpose and to continually zero in on it. This song played last week in a session of hers and the lyrics resonate with me, especially leading into this holiday season.

Cheers to purpose and community,

Angela Johnson


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